Field data collecting

There are situations in which companies can not find relevant information on issues that they need to make business decisions. In these cases it is necessary to collect first hand information directly from the units that can supply such information. This is what is known as a field data collecting or, more colloquially, a survey.

There are many ways to collect information but in most cases (especially when it comes to customer information), we rely on telephone surveys that allow us to obtain the information we need at lower cost than if we had them in person.

Even in many cases we may apply an online form to conduct surveys.

What our surveys differ from others?

We have developed our own computer system to conduct surveys for our customers, both by telephone (CATI) and online (CAWI).

Having designed the computer system by ourselves, we can offer fully customized surveys for your own needs.

We handle the entire process so you do not have to worry about anything:

We initially will listen to you to understand your information needs

Surely you have a general idea of the information you need to make decisions. We will help you to realize and to define it always having an general overview of the survey.

If it is possible we meet you. If not we contact you by mail or videocall (skype).

Based on your needs we will make a field data collecting design
We present a design based on your needs for you to value and ratify it. This will be the base document for the survey on which the entire operation is designed.
When the design is agreed with you, we'll get to work
There may be always some issues that have long passed or have not been included in the base document for the survey. We give you a timeframe for you to value and complement the base document.
We will develop all materials, computer support and training courses
With the base document closed on consensus, we will begin to create all the necessary materials and computer support. We will also select the most skilled interviewers of our network and we´ll give them the necessary training courses to be able to perform the job effectively and professionally.
We will distribute the work among the interviewers and supervisors
Then we will distribute the workloads and we´ll perform the field work within the period projected.
We will analyze and debug information before being processed
The information obtained may contain errors or biases that should be corrected and debugging before being processed. This is part of the inspection tasks.
We will analyse the information statistically and we will deliver a final report for you
Finally we will draft a report with the results and explanations we have obtained and we'll deliver it directly to you.

Don't you still see it clearly? Don't worry. Send us your questions through our form and we will tell you without any commitment.

We want to be your ally.

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HIPOTESIS has also developed and operates the following online service:
VotacionesOnline.NET is a portal in which you can manage all the mini-polls and surveys necessary for a quick and useful information to make an immediate decision.