Advanced Statistical Analysis

Customer's Satisfaction Surveys

We have developed an analysis on customer satisfaction in order to help your business relationships to achieve increased profits.

With our customer satisfaction survey you thoroughly will know your customers and will know how to keep them happy.

Why do you need this service?

Today there is a lot of product offerings of all kinds so that the customer has the opportunity to buy the product that best suits his needs.

This has been enhanced even further with the advent of the Internet, so that customers can always have as much information as possible before determining the exact product he or she needs.

This culture is already in place in our modern societies so that companies struggle to cover the best possible way the needs of clients to achieve business benefits.

So you should not waste time proving that products may be of interest to customers based on hunches or whether this or that product will be in demand.

You must know thoroughly the needs of your customers as the only effective way to keep them buying your products. If not, they will soon find an alternative and will stop buying you.

Large multinational companies have used satisfaction surveys for many years to their customers so they can identify their needs and, more importantly, how they change, so they will always get to meet their needs. Now we put at your fingertips such kind of researches.

What benefits will you get with a customer satisfaction survey?

The benefits that our customer satisfaction survey brings are many and immediate:

You will know the true structure of your client portfolio
Our analysis groups your customers reliably so you can know the groups that compose your portfolio.
You will know the characteristics that define each group of customers
Each group will have its own characteristics so you will know what the needs of each group are.
You will can enhance business strategies to the most profitable ones
Knowing the characteristics that define each group you can focus on those ones that provide the greatest benefit without neglecting the others.
You will can implement cross-selling techniques
Knowing fully the needs of each group you will know which products are most likely of interest to them depending on the products they buy (cross selling).
You will discover changes in customers about wishes and needs
If you carry out satisfaction surveys with some regularity you will be able to meet the changing about wishes and needs of your customers when they are occurring. So your offer will be always tailored to your portfolio.
You will get to keep your customers satisfied
All these benefits will result in satisfied customers with your products and services.
You will achieve higher profits
Satisfied customers buy more often and do not put impediments to slight price increases. This way, you get increase your business profit.

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This survey has specific versions for different kinds of business:

Citizen´s Satisfaction
Guest´s Satisfaction
Online Customer´s Satisfaction
Patient´s Satisfaction
Satisfaction with technical support service


HIPOTESIS has also developed and operates the following online service:
VotacionesOnline.NET is a portal in which you can manage all the mini-polls and surveys necessary for a quick and useful information to make an immediate decision.